Own Software products

We have developed a sort of software products, which provides integral, accessible and easy connection solutions with clients technology systems.


Sigamos Sistema Gestión Distribución y Ventas
Pedidos sugeridos

Generate suggested orders

Generate suggested orders,
reducing purchase costs.

Partes sustitutas

Sell substitute products

In cases where there is no exact product.

Pedidos sugeridos

Distribute backorders

Distribute automatic

ventas perdidas

Identify lost sales

To buy high turnover products that are not in stock.

Disminuir errores

Decrease times

Reduce time and errors in the processes of distribution and collection of merchandise.

Despachar pedidos

Dispatch orders

Dispatch full orders, automatically and on time

Certificar calidad


Guarantee the quality of the information stored.

Reducir cuellos botella

Remove bottlenecks

Eliminate bottlenecks in the processes of your organization.

Mayor rentabilidad

Greater profitability

Generate greater profitability by eliminating hidden costs.


Atón Suite contains 3 modules that allows self-management in processes of entering in your company, registering customers and collecting money.

PIR Portal Integrado Recaudos

Logo Zathuracode

Zathuracode is a code generator to support the development of business applications in JavaEE, starting from an existing database model.

The idea was proposed by Diego Armando Gómez Mosquera as a solution to problems found in development work, from there started a research with the LIDIS (Laboratory of Research for the Development of Software Engineering) of the University of San Buenaventura, Cali, for analyze and decide which parts and which code generation schemes would be the most appropriate to be able to build software in an efficient, orderly manner, with a scalable architecture and design patterns adopted worldwide by the industry.

The tool has more than 8 different architectures that can be selected depending on the technologies and the needs of the development group.

Zathuracode is maintained by a group of more than 5 software developers and sponsored by the company Vortexbird S.A.S Cali, Colombia.

The tool is free to use and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, this guarantees that the product will never have any cost.