We support and optimize the business processes of industrial and commercial companies, offering software as a service where even the smallest detail is made with passion and superior quality.

We are world-class agile software development providers, with more than 10 years of experience. Focused in analysis, design, architecture, development and cloud deployment projects or in client’s infrastructure.

World-industry adopted methodologies and standards.

Metodología y estándares ITIL Vortexbird
Empresa certificada ISO 29110-4
Software Development

How do we work?

We receive the need to come up with a solution. We understand your business, workflow and processes, from its analysis we have the ability to propose solutions and together we verify that the proposed solution meets the exposed needs to reach a final product.

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Our clients talk about us

`I want to congratulate each one of you, the work done has been more than spectacular. I recognize the effort of each one of you, because Engineering is a science, a science that allows us to capture not only needs, but also dreams for people. But it is you who make those dreams come true.

You are a geniuses, and I am proud of the work you do. That is why I always select your good work and I trust you fully.

The satisfaction that each one of you must feel when you make a deliverable, or when you see a module working, even a “simple” algorithm, is something indescribable.

Complete admiration for each on of you, from development, architecture, testing, UX, project management, consulting, partners…´

Text adapted from spanish

John Carvajal IS Head - HMCLColombia S.A.S.

To the Vortexbird team, headed by Engineer Maria Teresa, a special thanks and recognition for their professionalism, commitment, compliance and demonstrated quality in this project.

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Coomeva Medicina prepagada
Jorge Wilson Pemberthy Yepes Director Nacional de Operaciones MP

I wanted to take a minute to tell you that we are very happy with the work and the way that you are managing the project. I thank you very much.

Text adapted from spanish

Eduardo Latorre IT BRM MAC Johnson Controls Colombia